Body Art: Temporary Tattoo Pen Kits

Create realistic looking custom tattoos that can be worn for weeks or removed anytime.

Create your own custom designs or choose from our easy to use patterns.


Temporary Tattoo Pens uses an exclusive system of cleanser, inks and sealer to allow you to create your own realistic looking temporary tattoos that can last for weeks or can be removed anytime with the supplied remover. These tattoos look just like real thing but with NO PAIN and NO COMMITTMENT. They’re great for Parties, Special Occassions, Costumes, or Just For Fun. 2-Week Tattoos are also ideal for Test-Driving your permanent tattoos before taking the plunge.

Perfect for “Test-Driving” a new Tattoo.Temporary Tattoo Pen with labels: Long lasting ink, broad tip, fine tip

Click Here to Buy Your Own Temporary Tattoo Kit

You can also get professional tattoo stencils and use these pens to trace over them. Whether in color or shaded black ensure you are giving yourself quality art. You can even buy this kit and bring it to your tattoo artist. Tattoo artists will sometimes use sharpie markers on your skin to brainstorm idea’s and create a template before starting the real tattoo. The artists should then throw out the markers because it has touched your skin. Don’t let the markers and art time go to waste. Get this kit, let the artist go crazy then seal the design with the coating gel so it lasts for awhile. You can then have a semi-temporary tattoo for a week or two, to see if you truly would like a real tattoo.


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