How to Temporary Tattoo Guide

Easy to Apply. Easy to Remove.

Step 1: Preparation

If desired, remove excess hair from the area where the 2-Week Tattoo will be inked. Clean the skin thoroughly with a Cleanser Wipe from one of our Silver Packets. Allow the skin to dry. This will remove makeup, natural oils and adjust the pH of the skin to accept our special ink.

Step 2: Apply the pattern

Placing a temporary color image on the skin before inking may insure proper size and color of the final tattoo. Choose the color image you want from the collection in the kit and follow the directions printed on back of the image. It’s very simple. All you need is water to apply the image. If you are good at drawing your own designs, you can eliminate this step completely and simply freehand the desired tattoo onto clean, dry skin using our 2-Week Tattoo Pens.

Step 3: Inking

Using the Tattoo Pens, bush the ink lightly onto the surface of the skin. DO NOT PUNCTURE THE SKIN. Each pen has two working ends. Use the end that best suits your design, bold or fine. When finished, allow the ink to dry completely. NOTE: Drawing an outline first will sometimes help you get the proportions right.

Step 4: Seal the Tattoo

Using a disposable glove, shake the white Top Coat tube several times to mix the contents. Remove the top and squeeze a drop of Top Coat liquid onto a finger tip and then smear the drop among several adjoining fingers to create a very thin film. While still wet, wipe this film onto the tattoo, being sure to cover all the ink. Allow the coating to dry then repeat this process a second time. This double coating will provide maximum protection against water and friction and will allow the tattoo to last for many days.

2-Week Tattoos may be refreshed with new ink and resealed with new Top Coat as often as you like. Refreshing the tattoo in this way allows you to wear the design almost indefinitely.


2-Week Tattoos may be removed at any time by using the Remover Wipe in the Gold Packet. Open the packet and before removing the wipe, squeeze the excess liquid onto the tattoo you want to remove. Rub the liquid onto the tattoo and allow to soak for a minute or more. This will soften the Top Coat and dissolve the ink. Now remove the wipe from the packet, unfold it and rub the tattoo vigorously with the wet wipe until the ink begins to disappear. If needed, repeat this process with a second wipe.


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