Help Bring Back JNCO Jeans

jncoFellow co-workers of Bewild and the EDM community have started a petition to alert the creators of JNCO Jeans to bring them back. The rave community/scene has altered and changed into a ‘plur’ way whereas the mega pants would be hugely welcomed by thousands.

To sign for the cause, go here:

At the same time join our Facebook group to talk about what you would like to see if and when the jeans are brought back:

Several years ago the Bewild team contacted the JNCO group and arranged a special cut on a few old school pairs, such as the Mammoths & Kangaroos. Immediately after creating such a small cut, the pants sold out within weeks. We are now trying to do this again with the recent emails and phone calls to our office. Please help us show JNCO that you would like these pants resurrected once more!


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