Join the Bewild Social Media Team and Earn Real Money

social-media-moneyBewild is looking for a few adventurous and outgoing individuals that love to communicate on social media outlets. This will give you the chance to earn REAL money while posting either on Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, etc. Below is a basic outline of what will happen:

  1. Send an email to join the Bewild social team
  2. Bewild will ask a few questions and then ask for a simple online form to be filled out (so we can pay you)
  3. You will then receive your very own custom Bewild URL
  4. Whenever you post our products or site, we track every sale that you give us (you can track it as well)
  5. You will receive up to 15% of every sale (our average order value is $50, so you would make $7.50 per sale)
  6. At the end of the month we will then pay you via PayPal

It is very simple and easy to do. A great way for high school or college students to earn extra money when they do not have time to work.
So please take a look at our site ( ) and if you feel that we carry products that interest you and would be happy to promote please contact us with the following information:

Send an email to: corey [at]
Subject: Bewild Social Media Team

-Please include any of your social media accounts where you would be promoting our products.
(instagram, pintrest, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.)


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