Help Bring Back JNCO Jeans

jncoFellow co-workers of Bewild and the EDM community have started a petition to alert the creators of JNCO Jeans to bring them back. The rave community/scene has altered and changed into a ‘plur’ way whereas the mega pants would be hugely welcomed by thousands.

To sign for the cause, go here:

At the same time join our Facebook group to talk about what you would like to see if and when the jeans are brought back:

Several years ago the Bewild team contacted the JNCO group and arranged a special cut on a few old school pairs, such as the Mammoths & Kangaroos. Immediately after creating such a small cut, the pants sold out within weeks. We are now trying to do this again with the recent emails and phone calls to our office. Please help us show JNCO that you would like these pants resurrected once more!


Get Ready for New Years Eve 2013 EDM Raves & Parties

raveCelebrate the end of the year in style. Bewild is housing a mega end of the year blow out sale on all rave & party gear. Be sure to check the site for more details. Planning for New Year’s can be a frustrating and confusing experience. This year, with the huge number of events being put on, we’ve taken the time to sort through them and give you our picks for the biggest party night of the year. Read below for the full story. Continue reading

Festivus For The Rest Of Us

festivusLet’s see if this counts as part of the War on Christmas™: Festivus poles are being erected in both the Wisconsin and Florida state capitals, alongside the other holiday… sorry, Christmas displays. The holiday, famously started by Seinfeld‘s Frank Costanza, has taken on a life of its own and been symbolically embraced by secular groups in the years since. And now they’re fighting for a place at the table. Sometimes it’s a giant A, sometimes it’s a giant pole. Continue reading

Heelys Skate Shoes | Holiday CraZe for Kids

heelysLooking out for a reason to travel or roll around? Well you are sure to find that with Heelys roller shoes which have been made specifically to relax and ease those lovely pedicure feet while travelling as well as enjoying your skiing or skating expedition. Heelys roller shoes are surely going to make you roll as they are both shoes and roller skates at the same point of time. Being multi-purpose shoes it provides the shoe-lovers with the flexibility of transforming their fashionable shoes into roller skates at any particular time when they feel that they are in the mood to roll. Continue reading


ice up sonGet this hot new trending phrase shirt ‘Ice Up Son’ – said by NFL football star Steve Smith during a Patriot game. The phrase “ICE UP SON” can be commented by an sport fan to a losing team. Get this shirt before today so that you may wear it to your next game or sports center. This shirt has a NIKE logo feel to it, using an impact font, showing it is athlete approved.  Continue reading

Amok Rave Pants + Ghast Rave Pants + UFO Rave Pants


Mixie Moon – Rave & GoGo Dancer

Rave clothing have come to be barely about low cost short summer dresses significant to revisit a rave festival. These clothing are right around the easy dress and they match the surroundings inside the rave festival. Rave garments has ended up being reasonably extensive commonly. You’ll find collection of rave dress promptly ready trading in present present times. Continue reading